SEO Extract

SEO Tools Software for Search Engine Optimization

SEO Extract is an SEO tools program for Mac OS X, Windows and iPad that combines the most vital information to create a complete picture, so effective SEO optimization can be done. With this SEO tool you can easily survey your Google ranking and improve the SEO quality of your web pages. The Piwik SEO Tool adds important information about web page impressions by visitors.

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Google Ranking SEO Page Analysis Piwik Analytics
SEO Program Light for Mac OS X Windows and iPad SEO Program Standard for Mac OS X Windows and iPad SEO Program Professional for Mac OS X Windows and iPad
  • Retrieval of the top 50 results for every one of your keywords
  • Ranking of your pages by Google
  • SERP rankings over any period of time
  • Planning of SEO actions
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Call up of your web pages with SEO analysis
  • Page title analysis
  • Review of the metadata
  • Diagnosis of headers in the text
  • Review of images for missing alt tags
  • Web traffic statistics for all your web pages
  • Pageviews
  • Bounce rate
  • Exit rate
  • Incorporation of the pageviews into the keyword analysis

And all in a very user friendly SEO software and meaningful integration of information.

Understanding: Gain a deeper understanding for action and effect. Our SEO Tools Software will show you a clear overview as to how successful your keywords are. SEO Extract shows you the essentials and omits anything that is not important.

Insight: You will see very clearly what the crucial keywords are that have to be strong and where the ranking needs to be improved.

The correct strategies: With the SEO Program for OS X and Windows find out which ones of your Search Engine Optimization strategies are most successful, through control and tracking.


Google Ranking

For professional website optimization you need two things:

  1. The knowledge of what to do.
  2. SEO software that shows you what needs to be done.

Our SEO Tools for OS X and Windows offers you both: The Google Page Ranking SEO Tool calls up the 50 best ranking web pages for all input keywords and marks your own web pages clearly in a list.

Where do we stand - and where is our competition - and why?

The Website Optimization SEO Tool shows you what you need to optimize on your website to fulfill the technical requirements for good seo rankings.

In the next call up of your web pages with the Google Page Ranking  SEO Tool you will see the changes and find out which of your Search Engine Optimizations are successful.


SEO Page Analysis

It is much simpler if you receive an overview of your web pages that can be optimized, rather than calling up every single page separately in the browser to inspect it manually.

Our SEO software for Mac OS X and Windows provides this overview to you.

Concentrate on the essential

One mouse click and the Website Optimization SEO Tool calls up all web pages of your domain and analyzes them immediately:

  • What keywords are contained on that web page
  • Is the page title correct?
  • Do the images all have an alt tag
  • Are the headings distributed in the most optimum way
  • Does a meta description exist
  • With one mouse click you can execute another important function: the W3C validation, the inspection of your website on the validation page of the World Wide Web Consortium for HTML conformity.


SEO Analytics

In the professional version of SEO Extract you can set up any number of clients with any number of domains and analyze your web traffic statistics directly with the Piwik Domain Statistics SEO tool.

Success consists of the fact that one has exactly the abilities, which are in demand for the moment.

- Henry Ford

It doesn't matter if you employ search engine optimization for different clients or a variety of projects. You want to see how the search engine optimization effects the number of visitors to your website. SEO Extract imports the data from the free web analysis tool Piwik and makes the following analyses possible:

  • How did a specific domain develop over a certain time period
  • Compare several domains over a specific time period
  • Development of individual pages
  • What pages have the most visitors and which ones have the highest bounce rates?
  • On what page do the visitors remain the longest

Furthermore our SEO software for Mac OS X and Windows makes analysis over longer time frames possible.


SEO Extract is SEO software able to be used on Mac OS X, Windows and iPad and made to improve your search engine optimization and SEO rankings. Your SEO ranking is the most important factor for search engine marketing. Our software can help the layman improve his Google rankings with automatic analyses of websites.

What makes SEO Extract so unique, is the “strategy” SEO tool. SEO marketing can be surveyed and planned. With long-term analysis SEO tools the user learns the actions and effects of search engine optimization. Along with Google optimizations this will produce the most effective SEO ranking improvements and make your website optimizations successful.


Note on SEO Software for Mac OS X and Windows: This SEO program only exists in the following versions: Light, Standard and Professional and for the platforms Apple OS X, Windows XP, Vista, 7 und 8. Each version of the program has a different scope of performance: Function Overview SEO Program Versions

Note for iPad: The iPad version of the SEO software is subject to a few restrictions due to the operating system, design and processing speed as compared to the desktop version. The iPad version will be released some time after the desktop version is available.